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Tyg William Morris - Chrysantemum Toile Woad Chalk

945 kr
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Tyg William Morris - Chrysantemum Toile Woad Chalk DMCOCH203
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William Morris - Chrysantemum

Tyget beställs i antal meter.

Bredd: 137.0cm (53.9")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 66.0cm (26.0")
orizontal mönsterrapport: 34.5cm (13.6")
Kvalitet: 60% Linne 30% Bomull 10% Nylon

Chrysanthemum Toile has been adapted from a wallpaper sample produced by Jeffrey & Co. in 1886 which imitated the fashionable but expensive gilded embossed leather hangingGå till hemsida s imported from Japan at that time. The pattern itself is an outline of the multicoloured wallpaper Chrysanthemum designed by Morris in 1877. Reproduced in a printed fabric in four soft colourways it is also available as a wallpaper.