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Tyg William Morris - Brer Rabbit Manilla Ivory

925 kr
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Tyg William Morris - Brer Rabbit Manilla Ivory DMORBR204
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Tyg William Morris- Brer Rabbit

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137.0cm (53.9")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 40.0cm (15.7")
Horizontal mönsterrapport:27.5cm (10.8")
Kvalitet: 63% Linne 28% Bomull 9% Nylon

Brer Rabbit is taken from a 17th century Italian silk and Morris first registered the design in 1882. Named after the Uncle Remus childrens books popular at the time this fabric design was originally indigo discharge printed. Today the Morris studio have tried to replicate the mottled appearance of this earlier method using modern printing processes. Available in wallpaper in co-ordinating colours.