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Tapet Emma Bridgewater - Sweet Pea

825 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Emma Bridgewater - Sweet Pea
Designad 1995

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Bredd 52.0cm: (20.5")
Mönsterpassning: 30.5cm (12.0")
Längd 10 m/Rulle (393,7")

Dating from 1995, Sweet Pea was inspired by the avenues of deeply perfumed sweet peas growing in Emmas garden: Matthew (Emmas husband) is an astonishingly, exuberant gardener, and his sweet peas are incredible he grows the pinky purple Matucana variety, the most fragrant of all the sweet peas, and there are so many that I gather huge armfuls of them to bring into the house. I wanted the Sweet Pea design to capture their beauty, but also that feeling of summer days in the garden.