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Tapet William Morris - Larkspur

940 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
William Morris Larkspur
Designad 1875

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Bredd 52.0cm: (20.5")
Mönsterpassning: 45.7cm (18.0")
Längd 10 m/Rulle (393,7"

In 1875 William Morris revised the design Larkspur originally a monotone wallpaper printed in 1872 to create a new version which required 12 wood blocks and thereby producing a paper of greater depth and rich in colour. An instant success in its day Larkspur is once again available in a stunning set of colourways inspired by the Morris palette. It is one of Morris prettiest and most charming designs with delicate flowers floating amongst spiralling leaves set upon a background of dainty dots.