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Tyg William Morris - Snakeshead

895 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
William Morris Snakeshead
Designad 1876

Tyget beställs i antal meter.

Bredd:139.0cm (54.7")
Vertical mönsterrapport:31.5cm (12.4")
Horizontal mönsterrapport:23.0cm (9.1")
Kvalitet: 49% Linen 38% Cotton 13% Nylon
Martindale Test:20000

Designed by William Morris in 1876, the design was originally block printed onto cotton. Between 1875 and 1877 Morris produced a small group of patterns influenced by the colouring and patterns of Indian textiles. This design was one of Morris’ own favourites among his printed chintzes. The design takes its name from the nodding snakeshead fritillary blooms that complement the larger, more formal motifs. The dramatic flame like motif and alternating spiky clusters of foliage seem held in suspension by the delicate scrolling tendrils that form the background. Four rich colourways have been printed onto linen union.