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Tyg William Morris - Primrose & Columbine

795 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
William Morris Primrose & Columbine
Designad 1865

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Bredd:138.0cm (54.3")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 15.0cm (5.9")
Horizontal mönsterrapport: 27.5cm (10.8")
Kvalitet: 49% Linen 38% Cotton 13% Nylon
Martindale Test: 20000

Morris interpreted two of the flower motifs from his early wallpapers into tile designs c. 1865. They were modified from the wallpaper so that they could be hand-painted with quick brushstrokes onto the tiles. The unsophisticated drawings of the flowers appealed to Morris as they kept a feeling of cottage gardens; “I have the unmistakeable suggestions of gardens and fields.” This new fabric version of his tile design replicates the simplicity and freshness of those beautiful Morris tiles and is printed onto linen union in four colourways.