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Tyg William Morris - Branch Forest Charcoal

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Tyg William Morris - Branch Forest Charcoal 230274
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William Morris - Branch

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Bredd: 138.0cm (54.3")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 95.0cm (37.4")
orizontal mönsterrapport: 71.5cm (28.1")
Kvalitet:75% Viscos 25% Polyester

Taken from the wallpaper design of 1871, this woven fabric is produced in cut and loop pile velvet to create a contemporary weave which provides the perfect complement to more decorative furnishings and wallpapers, or as a standalone fabric in its own right. Available in rich colourways for blinds, cushions, drapes and upholstery. A wallpaper of the same name is also available.