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Tyg William Morris - Bamboo Thyme Artichoke

825 kr
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Tyg William Morris - Bamboo Thyme Artichoke 226710
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William Morris Bamboo

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Bredd:137.0cm (53.9")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 42.0cm (16.5")
Horizontal mönsterrapport: 46.0cm (18.1")
Kvalitet: 80% Viscose 20% Linne

Bamboo has been adapted from a design by E.W. Godwin of 1872.  Like Morris Godwin was dedicated to beautifying the home and Oscar Wilde referred to him as One of the most artistic spirits of this century in England. Godwin was highly influenced by Japanese design and often used bamboo motifs in his work. Originally block printed by Jeffrey & Co. samples of the wallpaper can be found in the Morris & Co. Archive. This adaptation is taken from the original hand-painted watercolour housed in the Victoria and Albert Museum.