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Tyg William Morris - Arichoke Embroidery Aubergine Gold

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Tyg William Morris - Arichoke Embroidery Aubergine Gold 234543
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Tyg William Morris - Artichoke Embroidery

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Bredd: 137.0cm (53.9")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 62.0cm (24.4")
Horizontal mönsterrapport: 43.5cm (17.1")
Kvalitet: 51% Viscose 35% Siden 14% Polyester

Artichoke Embroidery is an exquisite embroidered silk. Inspired by Morris own design Artichoke from 1877, it has repeating patterns of large traditional motifs, illustrating his preoccupation and love of near Eastern and Italian woven silks and velvets. Morris studied a number of these at the South Kensington Museum, now the Victoria & Albert Museum. Retaining the authenticity and beauty of the original, it is now available in four stunning colourways and is recommended for curtains.