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Tyg Sanderson - Woodland Chorus

875 kr
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Tyg Sanderson - Woodland Chorus Sky Blue
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Tyg Sanderson - Woodland Chorus Sky Blue

Bredd: 140.0cm 
Mönsterrapport: 63cm
Kvalitet: 20% Lin 80% Viskos
Martindale 20000

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This realistic depiction of our favourite British birds was inspired by an 18th century painting of plants and animals. A green woodpecker a wren a robin a thrush and a pair of blue tits on their nest of eggs all make their home in a modern tree of life. To complete the scene butterflies insects ladybirds and various woodland berries adorn the tree. The design is painted by watercolour in exquisitely fine detail. The fabric is digitally printed to achieve the nuances of the artwork and the amount of natural colours and tones in the design.