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Tyg Emma Bridgewater - The Dresser

750 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
Emma Bridgewater - The Dresser

Bredd: 140.0cm (55.1")
Vertical mönsterrapport: 90.5cm (35.6")
Horizontal mönsterrapport: 140.0cm (55.1")
Kvalitet: 100% Cotton 
Martindale Test: 20000

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Designed especially for this Sanderson collection, The Dresser is inspired by Emmas own kitchen dresser the heart of her kitchen. My dresser is one of my favourite things Im probably more aware of whats on there than I am of whats in my wardrobe. Its filled with my own pottery, and pieces once owned by my mum or my grandmother, combined with family treasures like a silver pig and a Staffordshire greyhound. I love rearranging the things on it its an endlessly changing still life, and it gives me pleasure every time I look at it. The Dresser design captures what it means to me.