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Tapet William Morris - The Brook

1 445 kr
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William Morris The Brook
Designad 2014

Tapeten beställs i antal meter.

Bredd 139.0cm (54.7")
Mönsterpassning: 91.4cm (36.0")

Inspired by The Brook Tapestry by J. H. Dearle and the Holy Grail Tapestries, ‘The Brook’ has been newly created by Morris & Co.’s designer Alison Gee. Fascinated by medievalism, Morris regarded tapestry as the highest form of all the decorative arts, and, through commissions to produce wall hangings, Morris & Co. produced many ecclesiastic and legend-inspired tapestries for private houses. Today, digital printing recreates all the crispness and abundance of Alison’s beautiful artwork, which seeks to capture the character of medieval tapestries. It is printed in two colourways as wide width (140cm wide) wallpaper, sold by the metre. Two fabric qualities printed on velvet and linen/viscose are also available in the Archive III Print Collection.