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Tapet William Morris - Mary Isobel

995 kr
Inkl. 25% Moms
William Morris Mary Isobel 
Designad 1980

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Bredd 52.0cm (20.5")
Mönsterpassning: 76.2cm (30.0")
Längd 10 m/Rulle (393,7")

‘Mary Isobel’ has been adapted from an embroidery designed in the 1890s by J. H. Dearle and shows scrolling acanthus leaves and flowers. The original fabric was embroidered in Adelaide, Australia by Mary Isobel Barr Smith, who probably ordered it from Morris & Co. as a kit. Morris & Co. first printed this design on linen in 2008 for Morris V and then reissued it as an embroidery on silk and on linen in 2011 for Archive Embroideries. This wallpaper version is available in five colourways including a shimmering pale ‘silk blue’ version printed in mica inks.