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Tapet William Morris - Chrysanthemum Bullrush

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Tapet William Morris Chrysanthmum 216847
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William Morris Chrysanthemum
Designad 1877

Tapeten beställs i antal rullar.

Bredd 52.0cm: (20.5")
Mönsterpassning: 52.0cm (20.5")
Längd 10 m/Rulle (393,7")

Traditionally printed in 1877 using wood blocks this wonderfully ornate Morris wallpaper design was also available as an embossed lacquered and richly stencilled paper to imitate imported Japanese Leather papers a technique perfected by Jeffrey & Co. in the 1880s . Todays version faithfully reproduces some of the earliest colourways whilst introducing a new softer palette with subtle metallic highlights.